Screen buttons


Dec 4, 2010
On Miui 4 there is a feautre to desible the buttons(home, back,menu) but is there a way to get them on the screen just like on Galaxy Nexus ?

Im on SGS II.
Not that I know of. I'll try again but last time I tried I couldn't get them. Your talking about the on screen buttons correct?

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Looks sexy, right ?
tried this before and some part of the camera is hidden behind the nav bar
Yeah, but I made the soft buttons smaller so you can still use all the buttons even though a little part of them are cut off. And this is only in the camera app
Now Im trying to get them on the middle of the screen not on the left side.
Then I think I'll release a falshable zip
Ive spent the last 3 hours trying to flash a rom.
System ui mixed up something so I couldnt flash miui anymore
I give up on this :/