Screen freezes randomly and phone reboots several times a day


Jan 28, 2022
So far I haven't had much luck with my Mi Ultra. Not long after I received my brand new phone it shut down and wouldn't turn on anymore. It took almost three months until I received a replacement, as they were not able to fix it.

And now, just a few weeks after using it, I am getting random reboots. Sometimes during the night, while not using it, other times when I I open some app, the screen freezes and it reboots by itself. So far I am reluctant to claim warranty again, as it took so long the first time.

I tried logging with ADB and of course nothing happend, as it was pretty random. After starting pretty much every app I had it actually did happen while logging.

Crash Log mediafire No1
Crash Log mediafire No2

Though I am not sure, the actual event was logged, as I looked a the time, and I think it happens a few seconds after the last log entry.

I already mad a complete wipe and reinstalled. But I did used some back up files for re-installing. I am using the latest stable Rom 13.0 V130.013.0. Before the wipe I updated last week to the latest weekly rom. But the problem persisted.

Any idea what could cause this?

Edit: Added second loge file.
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