Screen perhaps to be dead

Mar 20, 2013
Guys, first of all, I bet there are many threads like this, but sorry, "search" button in this chaos is as useless as even browsing all the Mi2 threads.

Yesterday, my I had my telephone turned off. I don't know why, so I wanted to turn it on. Guess what happened: I could see some vertical lines. I took the battery off and tried to boot it again. Same problem (but there was just one line and kinda wide). I decided not to solve it that evening and just to wait 'till morning. Today, I can boot it, however it seems like the screen is just not working properly. I can see how display is changing it's brightness when I press power button (as awaking and so). Though I can't see anything else.

Do you think display is just dead? Or is there any tweak for this?

Thanks for your answer.