Scripts and apps2sd


Dec 4, 2010
I was restoring my apps with titanium backup and my apps on sd won't launch or show icons. I know this can be fixed with scripts, but there aren't any on miui! I've tried taking it out, deleted android secure and fixing permissions. Help?

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what scripts ? the a2sd scritps are preinstalled on miui.

are you using froyos apps2sd?

if so, i would either try to NOT do that, or restore everything, and then wait/reboot and wait.
No I mean scripts like zipalign and terminal scripts but wtv I rebooted 10 times and it worked finally.

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all the scripts that you have in darcktremors a2sd, are present in miui (its actually just DT a2sd preinstalled, maybe with some tweaks)

you have:

a2sd reinstall
a2sd check
a2sd cachesd
a2sd cachesdreset
a2sd zipalign

and all the rest, that i don't remember.
None of them work in terminal and it says no scripts found

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i can't provide screenshots cause somehow i broke the ss system from MIUI, i just get black files :(

but at least on better terminal emulator (pro ?, dunno, the paid one), i can use a2sd with no problems.