Scrollable widget and launcher


Apr 10, 2011
Hi, first I whant to say, I love miui rom and all the work made by developers.
I recently discover new widgets who used scrollable interface, for provide "sense like" experience. But miui launcher don't support this... it's a very good launcher and scrollable widget are also verry usefull and can make miui launcher the perfect launcher !!!!!!
So do you know if this fonction will be supported? Beacause I don't whant to use an other launcher like adw or go launcher.

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This again? Did you even try searching the forums before posting?

As far as MIUI is concerned, This is a Chinese closed source ROM, so unless The Chinese developers implement it, then it's most likely not going to happen. There is probably a dozen or so threads all over these forums discussing the same thing; so please, try searching next time before posting (we've beaten this dead horse back to life and then back to death already!).

There has been absolutely no word yet on this matter, so if I were you, I would just forget about it. That way, if (big if) and when they do implement this feature, then you will be pleasantly surprised. If you don't forget about it, then you'll most likely become like many of the other users that complain week-in and week-out about the same bugs and lack of "X" and "Y" feature every single week.

Mark and the developers here translate and port this wonderful ROM for us all. Please have a little consideration as they are starting to lose their patience every time someone registers on these forums just to ask the same question they've answered 500 times in the last 7-14 days.
Hmmmm I understand, but I search with this application in this forum and the last 94 topic never talk directly about this....

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