SD card as internal storage


Dec 31, 2021
Hello, is there any really 100% working way for the phone to correctly detect the SD card as internal storage? Or is it possible to somehow cut off the actual internal memory and make it from a card and put a system on it, etc.?

The sister has a Redmi 7A 2/16, she got a 256GB SD card and I wanted to format this card as internal memory, but unfortunately there was no such option in the basic MIUI, so I looked for solutions on the Internet and found a few, 1 is the Activity Laucher application, full of videos about it, it seemed to work in part, it showed that it has 256GB of memory, but only 1.5GB was still available. Due to the lack of the possibility of updating, I uploaded another rom (from Miuipolska, based on, I use them myself in my Redmi K20Pro, unfortunately, although I could now format it in the system as an internal memory, the result was the same as above, the available memory was still counted with 16GB internal memory. I kept looking and found 2 ways via ADB, unfortunately I still got the same result, the available memory was not counted in relation to the memory card capacity, which blocked application updates and installation of new ones. So is there any other sure way that works?