sd card

  1. neamisa

    Link / transfer applications from internal storage to sd card

    Hello. This text was translated from my native language into English using google translator. Sorry if this is hard for you to read. Question: is it possible on xiaomi redmi note 11 (spesn) android 13 miui 14 device using applications such as link2sd or apps2sd to link / transfer applications...
  2. 1

    New My phone doesn't read my SD card

    Hello, I have a Xiaomi Note 9S and I always used a SanDisk SD card. Lately my phone doesn't read the card. I removed it, I formated it on my phone and my pc, but I still can't use it... What can I do?
  3. ja_pizgam

    SD card as internal storage

    Hello, is there any really 100% working way for the phone to correctly detect the SD card as internal storage? Or is it possible to somehow cut off the actual internal memory and make it from a card and put a system on it, etc.? The sister has a Redmi 7A 2/16, she got a 256GB SD card and I...
  4. J

    Any way to encrypt the SD card?

    Hi everyone, Do you know if there is a way to encrypt SD card? I need to protect important data if my phone is stolen or lost. The phone is well encrypted. I have a POCO X3 but I think the question concerns all MIUI based roms. Regards, Jhun
  5. kookies

    photos problem

    i formatted my sd card without backing up files first and now I can't take new photos or save any new photos, what do i do? my phone is a redmi note 8. my mi cloud backed up most of my photos and i have google photos save most photos too so previous images aren't that much of a worry for me...
  6. F

    Invalid SD Card issue and Java error

    Hi everyone, I bought a Redmi Note 9 Pro 2 months ago. Last week I was taking photos and when I was at home, I realized that the phone had stopped saving the photos I was taking in the middle of the trip because I chose to save them on the SD Card. Now, after I restarted the phone and ejected...
  7. decomorreno

    New Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime | Weekly 7.2.9 | Google Play Store, Sd Card And Screenshots

    #1 Google Play Store has stopped working when trying to open it up, when trying to install an application like Snapchat or YouTube or it just crashes by itself. It is able to update applications that it is can't install, though. #2 SD card is recognised by preinstalled explorer and I'm able to...
  8. decomorreno

    Redmi 4 Prime - Sd Card Probably Not Recognized

    Every time I try to download something using Chrome or the original Internet browsing application - Browser, it gives me an error like it couldn't find any SD Card mounted, whereas I've got one inside of my device. Using latest ROM for this device. What is possibly the matter?
  9. caravaggio971

    Sd Card Not Recognized

    Hello there, since my last update to the latest stable version LHOMIDA my Redmi Note 3 Pro (kenzo) doesnt recognize my SD anymore. I checked the SD (samsung 32 Gb) on my pc and also reformatted it but still MIUI sees errors and ask for reformatting. Anyone else experiencing the same? It looks...
  10. Lahmpard

    How To Set My Sd Card As Default Storage For App In Redmi Note 2?

    someone can help me how to set my sd card as default storage on redmi note 2.. this maybe some info 1. android version : 5.0.2 LRX22G 2.MIUI version : MIUI Global 7.2 / Stable (LHMMIDA)