SD-card bug?

Jun 27, 2014
I installed xiaomi.eu_multi_lcsh92_wet_jb9_JHDCNBE23.0_jb-4.2 I placed a 32Gb sd-card with lots of music and videos. The Note cannot recognize a single video as playable, sees most of the music-folders as empty and cannot play most of the music it does see. In my laptop everything on the card works fine. If I stream the same content from my NAS to the note, eveything is found and recognized by the same (standard)applications. Is this a bug? I bought the Note as a phablet for playing content and am not amused... Help would be nice!
Sep 5, 2014
SD card Damaged ?
Hi i recently bought a Xiaomi redmi note(Dual sim ) phone and seems to have issues using the SD card on the phone.
I have a 32 Gb SD card , I am able to copy videos, audio & images to the card when i connect it to my computer using the adapter.But when i insert the SD card on to the phone 1.some times it detects the card and shows me the video & audio files , when i try to open them it does not open . Error message "No thumbnail found, unable to open " for videos and for audio it just skips and tries for the next one & doesnt play.
2.Sometimes it just gives me a message SD card dambaged and asks me to format , when i try it does not do anything and just a notification stays which says SD card dambaged .
I tried removing the card , connected to the comp using adapter i am able to view all the fies which i copied and it works , i tried formating (fat32) also did a chkdsk as well .
after that when i tried on the phone the card got detected and i was able to play the video & audio for some time .
after 1-2 hrs started facing the same issue , no thumbnail found for videos and doesnt play audio .
The same Sd card when i try on my samsung phone it works properly . can some one let me know wat to do .

I have 2 32 gb sd card and the same issue with both .
Jul 14, 2014
I am having with my SD card from SONY, 32GB the same issue as Amarnath Lakshmipathy describes above. The card works flawles on my old LG phone, but it does not with the NOTE. Its very frustrating.