New SD Card Read/Write very very slow

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Aneesh Ramaswami, May 12, 2012.

  1. Aneesh Ramaswami

    Feb 13, 2012
    Hi all,

    I am running MIUI 2.3.23 on my Nexus One. I just installed a brand new Transcend 16gig Class 10 SD card and am getting shockingly low Read/Write speeds. ( as low as 500 kbps )

    I put the card on a friend's SGS2 and was able to get around12-14 MB/s write speed.

    When using a card reader, I got 18 MB/s to write the same file.

    I tried using that app SD Card Speed Increase and set the cache size to 2048 kb, but to no use. Its still slow.

    Any tips would be welcome

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