Searching Kernel Developer For Help

Oct 1, 2012
Hi all,

I'm trying to use my phone (MI2s, MIUI7) in OTG while charging it (Car dock application).
With some Kernels (e.g. Faux123) this is said to be possible. Also with my former Galaxy S2 a mode, where this was possible, was triggered via resistors.
Therefore I'm searching for some help of a kernel developer that could acticate otg+charging or tell me if tehres a resistorvalue for that mode. Or he can teach me how to search for myself, I'm not lazy :)

additional info:

I will use a custom made cable with +5V between pin 1&5 and would like to get the digital music (as input for the DAC) on pin 2&3. pin4 is used to trigger the OTG mode.

Thx in advance,
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