Secure Lockscreen Delay feature?


Feb 23, 2011
Is there a way that in MIUI, you can enable the password enabled lockscreen, but also delay when it come into effect? I believe this feature in the iPhone, and very necessary to usability. I need to have the passcode set, but I don't want to enter it every time, even if I turned off the phone for only 10 seconds. There ought to be a setting where you can set this - CM6 has this custom built in.

Anyone know?
Can I bump this thread. This is a much needed feature in my opinion.
I love having the passcode there, but sometimes I might switch the phone off for 15 seconds and realise I forgot something. Can get very painful having to re-enter it after that brief time (especially because mine is complicated!)


Yeah, it was a feature on my Desire before i flashed it. One of the very (VERY) few things I miss about sense.