Security issue with Access Control


Jun 18, 2011
Access Control is an interesting idea. Personally, I'd rather see be able to access hidden applications with gestures on the desktop instead of having to go into Settings ==> Access Control ... but anyway, it's a nice feature. However it has a serious flaw.

If someone has accessed a hidden application recently, another user can hold down the Home button to access the task manager, and select 'Settings'. This will go directly to the list of hidden applications, allowing someone to start one without entering a password / whatever.


Jul 27, 2011
I found an even bigger flaw.
I have access control as a toggle on the notification shade, that takes you to the setting where you turn it on. All ok so far, but if you then do the same when it is active, you can turn it off without entering the password/pattern!
Protecting apps with a password is slightly pointless if you can turn the password off without knowing what it is!