In Progress Sensation Bugs - 2.4.27


Oct 6, 2011
I have one or two bugs to report:

1) Starting immediately at bootup, the keyboard is FCing. Since it keeps trying to restart itself in the background, I am getting this dialogue approx every 10 seconds!
2) When I hit "Report MIUI" (um, someone might want to stick the word "to" in there...), instead of jumping to gmail/email, it does absolutely nothing.

This is my first time flashing ICS, so I don't know if the 2nd one is a bug or a new feature (i.e., it sends the bug report immediately). If it's a bug (i.e., you haven't received a report), let me know and I'll post a logcat.
Solve fc for keyb installing another one.....

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Using an installed alternative keyboard does not completely work. I use A.I. Type keyboard as my main keyboard, but even when it's selected as default, and when I'm typing on it I still sometimes get the android keyboard has stopped working pop-up.

On a more serious note, the main, and I mean MAIN bug for Sensation is the Battery drain. I've tried 2 different kernels with approximate same results....can barely get 8 hrs with light use. I believe the issue is that the system is not entering deep sleep when screen is off.

Note that compared to Insert Coin, ARHD, and Virtuous ROM's, with Bricked kernel, Sebastian's O/C, and stock...I could get anywhere from 10 to 18 Hrs heavy use depending on the setup combination. Also note that 2 of those ROM's are sense, which should, in theory, suck way more juice.

But the bottom line is MIUI is the best I've tried, layout wise, function wise, theme wise, but sadly not battery wise.
I installed Bricked kernel v1.1 using the badass governor and am using Apex Launcher.. and battery life on MIUI 2.4.27 is excellent. My first time trying MIUI on my Sensation.. loved it on my N1 and now on my Sensation too. Much faster than Sense ever was!
I was using Bricked v1.1 as well, but not with Apex. This then points to the stock Miui launcher.....but I'm not willing to install an alternative launcher to get around this, as the whole reason I like Miui is it's streamlines approach. I find alternate launchers overbloated with "extras" and features that are nice at first, but just a pain later on......less is more for me.

I've uninstalled MIUI, and am now running Insert Coin 5.4.0 and Bricked v1.1. Badass gov, 3D and 2D O/C, cpu O/C to 1.836, and have unbelievable battery life with heavy use.....and that's sense.

I made an MIUI system settings backup to test drain on future builds. Cheers
Note that my intermediate android keyboard FC message even while using A.I. type keyboard as default only seems to happen with Gmail v4.0.5
please help... i can't use custom kernel on my htc sensation, now im use miui 2.4.27, error installing img