Sensors.qcom Battery Drain

Jul 4, 2014
Had this problem with redmi 1s for a while, many others experience it to (also reports of it on other xiaomi and other brand phones with qualcomm cpu).

Basically what happens is the battery drains seriously fast in standby. Sensors.qcom and Android OS have very high cpu usage/keep awake. There is millions and millions of sensors.qcom wakelocks and when you check cpu-z sensors tab, all information is missing. Sensors don't function, you can fix by restarting phone or toggling on/off some sensors like auto brightness.

Are you aware of this issue? Could you possibly try to solve it in your roms? I can supply any info you need. Have some other threads here

Feb 25, 2016
Reflash (dirty flash) your current rom without wipe anything.
Otherwise, find sensors.qcom file location via root explorer and change its permission to r-w-r-r then reboot your device.