New SGS2 2.4.13 - USB Debugging not working?


Feb 18, 2012
Hi, even when I have USB Debugging turned on, application "GEMINI TASK MANAGER" doesn't allow me to perform certain actions cause it says "app needs root and usb debugging on" however usb debugging is already on and I thought root was on already with this rom
....can anyone explain what is going on?
I have the same problem. I can't access USB storage when i connected my phone to my PC.:(

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Hmm..@ op did you go into the permission manager and turn on the the root permission switch..
I believe so, I can't find permission manager in settings, but when I installed setcpu it took me automatically there and asked me to enable root,and I did...can you tell me where to find permission manager so I can verify?
Not sure how you have your phone set up..but up should have a program in your apps called Permission Manager open it up and you see this..(look at pic) and turn on the root permission..if your missing this apt you may have a bad download.. it's not in your settings it's an should be installed when you install the rom..


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No I'm one version behind..but I know it's there as I just extracted the new version and the file is present so it sounds like you may have a bad install..


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What's the name of the .apk? I just redownloaded, checking the package and in apps I can't find permission manager.apk anywhere
made me update to see what it's so sorry for sending you on a wild goose chase ..
I have turned on root permission but i can't access my USB storage. What should i do

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