Resolved SGS2 - 2.6.1 - Colours in negative

Don phae

Mar 8, 2012
Hey guys!
After the last update I`ve encountered a wierd "bug", I dont know if its a bug really, but it shure is annoying. 2-4 times a day, at random times, all the colours on my phone go negative, It happenes as far as I am aware, randomly.Nothing else changes, the phone works just like normal.
Have any of you guys experienced this`?
edit: yes, I have tried all kinds of wipe and all that good stuff.
Change kernel.

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Lol i have siya Kernel (still best kernel in the world!) and if i drop my phone the colors go negative( Really dont feel like reproducing that) but a simple reboot fixes it.
Siyah kernel has a new feature ... if you press 4 times in a row rapidly on the home hey it inverts the screen colors for better readiness on some web pages or whatever ... press again 4 times to change back to normal, maybe that is the case on your problem if you are using the Siyah Kernel.
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DAAAAAAAAYM!!!! Lol thanks t3v4d I didn't read that in the kernel patch notes but thanks a lot!
I think it's normal. Click home 4 times to change back to normal

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