In Progress [SGS2] i9100 - ICS Voice search/transcribe unavailable. Mic icon missing from keyboard

David Tr

May 24, 2012
Symptoms: Upgrading from 2.4.13 to any later build of MIUI, the voice search/voice transcription function in the google search Widget and Android Keyboard disappear after upgrade. Installing the official Google voice search app from play store does not bring the mic button back to the android keyboard.

Source of problem:
MIUI 2.4.13 had the apk: Voice Search 3.0.1
all later versions of MIUI no longer have this .apk and can't find it in the official play store to download. Only version available is older google voice search from june 2011 which doesn't have the new ICS type as you dictate function.

Temporary Workaround:
- Under MIUI 2.4.13 use Titanium backup to backup the Voice Search 3.0.1.apk
- Upgrade to latest MIUI version
- Check Android Keyboard ((previously "Android keyboard 4.0.4-255454), in latest MIUI build "Android keyboard 4.0.4-2.5.18). Mic button does not appear on keyboard.
- Use Titanium backup to restore the Voice Search 3.0.1.apk
- Retest keyboard, and mic button now working again. ICS type as you dictate working again.
Xiaomi removed Google Apps after that version, which could explain this problem. Its already Thursday and I'm hesitant to change anything at this point. All ROMs built today, and I don't want to do anything that could possibly mess up the release tommorow.

However, I will look at this. If its as easy as putting that APK back into the /overlay of GAPPS. We can do that.
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Is this fixed yet? Alternatively can someone point me in the direction of that apk?
ty David I've installed it through the normal android apk installer and don't seem to be having any luck does it need to go into the system folder or anything like that? hopefully this will be fixed in next week's release
Not sure, I always just do a restore with Titanium. I think that apk hooks into the google search one so make sure that is also installed.