In Progress SGS2 Lock Screen Issue

Hemanshu Bhojak

Oct 23, 2011
MIUI 2.4.6 on SGS2

The screen does not lock on SGS2. The display just turns off, but it does not lock the screen. I tried setting all the types of screen locks (like pattern, pin, slide, password) but the behavior is the same.

Also, when I set the screen lock to pattern and set "Power button instantly locks". When I come back to the same screen this setting is unchecked.
have you installed any lockscreen bypass app? used one of those, when somebody changed my lockscreen pattern.
No. I am not using any lockscreen bypass apps. All I did was downloaded MIUI from Rom Manager and installed it. I also tried doing this 3 times clearing data and cache but to no avail. Temporarily I have moved to CM9. But I want to get back to MIUI asap.