New SGS2 - Toggle from mute to vibrate with volume rocker broken

Nov 17, 2012
Hi guys,

I updated MIUI from 2.9.29 to 3.2.8 yesterday. Up until then, I could keep the volume rocker pressed down and lower the sound all the way to "vibrate" - another press and I'd go into full mute. The reverse was also true. Basically, I could use the rocker to go back and forth between mute, vibrate and sound on my ringer. Now, this seems to be broken - I go straight from sound to mute without getting to vibrate. If I toggle on "vibrate when silent", I'm able to get from sound to vibrate to mute by repeatedly pressing down on the rocker, but when pressing up from the mute position, I go straight to sound and go directly to mute when going back down - basically resetting the vibrate setting to "off". I should also point out I installed MIUI Australia's Control Panel for 3.2.8 (call me old-fashioned, but I consider SMS without landscape mode to be broken). Is this an issue anyone else has run into or can help me with? I don't know if this is a MIUI or a Control Panel issue, as I didn't fiddle with my ringer until after I installed the latter.


EDIT: Not sure about the older version number anymore (I'm 90% sure it ended with .29 for what that's worth), but I noticed someone pointing out the same issue here:

So... I'm thinking I was on a pre-2.3.30 version and that the issue appeared with that release. And it indeed seems to be MIUI-centric and have nothing to do with the Control Panel.