Shared users for Mi Home and Mijia hub


Jan 21, 2020

I have a Mijia hub with some sensors. I created a scene to "arm" the downstairs sensors, so the upstair sensors will be ignored (since we sleep upstairs).
Now as an admin, im able to "enable" the scene to arm the downstairs, but all other shared accounts are unable to see the "scene" under the automation tab and they are unable to create theyre own scnese (which is logical).
Is there a way, to share automation scenes with shared users ?

I have shared the hub, the home from the MI Home app - but from the shared user phone under the Mi Home app i can only see the 7 devices, i can somewhat change the settings of the hub (sound, lights) and i can arm the whole system (all the sensors, that are picked for the hub).
What im unable to do is the "downstairs" arming part.

Any idea on how to share the scenes that are made by the admin to the shared users ? or how can a shared user arm half of the devices.

Best regards