New Shuffle music, only plays songs from 4-5 folders

Jan 29, 2013
I've got a strange bug which I am not able to fully "proof"

- I have 15 folders of music and these contain a total amount of 285 songs.
- I have about 114 songs which have been played frequently. I never choose a particular song, this goes all automatic by the random/shuffle song option.
- I can play all music files from all these folders.

I have noticed a couple of times that the phone chooses songs from only a few folders because I notice that I have heard a couple of artists many times and I haven't heard any song from other artist/songs.

When can you hear other artist/folders?
After I delete a song or reboot my phone (after a upgrade). Than it will play the music from other folders as well, but it will stick to a couple of folders.

The phone doesn't use some sort of a playlist. When you play a song and delete the next song, it will not go to you previous song, this means that the phone switches to another song by choosing it ad-hoc/just at that time.

Can someone confirm that the musicplayer only selects songs from about 4-5 folders?

Phone: Xiaomi Mi2s
Version: Several version, noticed it for the last 8 months.

p.s. will these bugs also be communicated with Miui or is it better to put all my bugs on their own forum?