Sign Enterprise Agent


Mar 23, 2023
I want to install sureLock from 42gears on my Redmi 9C phone but since 42gears doesn't have an Enterprise Agent for the device and since the Xiaomi is not partnered with them, they want me to reach out to the Xiaomi and have the unsigned EA signed by the Xiaomi
In the end I am to send them the result.

I am merely repeating what they ask from me.
I don't know how this works.

Is it possible to ask Xiaomi to sign an apk?
Can somebody please explain how this works and how I can get this done?

Thanks for your help

The apk is here
Url :
SHA1 : 7e71a7e671878c0bdeff9534ba8f1e5bdd74e1ba
SHA256 : c86d982f3cba796d166aa067e8314c2399dae076206adb2ad45e8fbe11e2affc
SHA3-512 : 74792f606c73cde2eaffca2fa908b4fba7a9b8ea2a33e466eeeba937ca5d6842ccce99f4cf5c79539818180dc20d24c11bd3c64985b83e5b84f52cb335eb9930