SIM cause reboot


Oct 17, 2011
i've a Motorola Milestone, i've try many version of MIUi FROM 1.9.9 to the last version and i've the same problem.

The first boot after flashing is fine but after few minutes the phone reboot and after that it stuck at miui logo and reboot continously.
I've made clean install (flash stock->vulnarable sbf->install OR->flash miui).

If i start the phone without SIM the room is stable and i can rebbot the phone without issue, i've try another SIM (of another carrier) and the phone start without problem. When i put my SIM the phone remain at miui logo and restart.

My carrier is PosteMobile a virtual operator based on Vodafone IT. With TheFroyoMod(2.2 custom ROM) it work fine.

If you need other information i can provide.

Thank you for the help.