Size of the Gallery app always increasing (RedMi Note 7 MIUI 12)

Pat Boone

Feb 1, 2022
I have a RedMi Note 7 (MIUI Global 12.0.3 Stable) with some problems of Full memory ; checking the application sizes, I noticed that the one which takes most memory is the Gallery (currently 1,43 GB in total). In addition, the Gallery size is always increasing even if I delete media files (but it seems normal because the pictures and video are located on an SD card) and empty the Trash bin.
I read on another forum that the solution could be to download from Internet a newer version of the .apk file, intall it and then in the application delete the update.
But I am not so confident in downloading and installing an .apk from Internet.
I guess some of you already faced this kind of problem and I would be interested in getting a more accurate solution than downloading a new .apk
Thanks a lot