New Gallery App is downloading a huge amount of data please help


May 14, 2022
I'm using MIUI on my Redmi Note 9s and just found out that the gallery app is using huge amount of internet for an unknown reason! this started since the latest miui update
As you can see in the screenshots, all cloud services related to photo backups are turned off. Never the less the gallery downloaded already 6GB and increasing of data for no reason.
i tried downloading version 3.4.7 online maybe a glitch in current version but it was no use and app continued to download data
for now ill just uninstall the app and use 3rd party gallery but they all suck and i need this app

Can anyone explain to me what's going on? and how can i stop it or fix it ! its consuming my internet quota which is limited and there's nothing i can do about it


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Issue possibly resolved by downloading

Xiaomi Gallery​

More observation is required
EDIT problem wasn't solved
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