Slidescreen Launcher Mod



Hello MIUI Community,

A few of us MOD's decided that we dig deep for this excellent simple and elegant Launcher as we felt there was no other launcher as simple and informative out there like it.

The reason why the devs stopped developing it was due to changes in the way Google Mail worked and rendered the app dev useless.

You can now have a fully working Slidescreen Launcher with Gmail functionality.

Download the Last working build and final of Slidescreen launcher from here :

To get gmail function via the Slidescreen App see here :

If your not keen on the grey background of Slidescreen then here is a modded version :

If you having problems install the app then do the adb commands :

adb remount
adb push slidescreen-2.0-final.apk /system/app/
exit (when done)

Credits :

Slidescreen devs (of course)

And MiuiAndroid Mods for researching and making this available to the masses : daenney, pele, mark, trout
In my case, in stead of bothering with adb or root explorer I just clicked the Gmail.apk downloaded from the XDA thread above, it asked me if it could replace the system version, I said yes and everything worked.

And to give you people an idea of how pretty it all is (this is using Pele's mod and with status bar set to visible):
Really awesome! Nice work guys :D can i suggest some features i miss? Like an integration of the standard email app too, integration of the music app for displayng music infos and controls, integration forse notes, possibility to reply to messages directly from the homescreen, mabye sliding down the main bar like for display reader contents, it will be awesome. Anyway, good work, i love it :D
And normal widgets cannot be used.... how about slide right - left to provide empty space for widgets?
Guys, this is not made by the OP, it's a dead project from other devs. They won't give out the source code, so we'd have to recreate it from scratch before we could add new features...