SMS and multiple mobile numbers


Jun 17, 2011
When creating a SMS and you need to choose a recipient - I can't tell which mobile number to use (work mobile or home/personal mobile for example) when the contact list appears. There is no differentiation so I'm having to save the draft SMS, go and check the contact in the standard contacts view to figure out which is the personal mobile number and then go back to the draft SMS and then choose the correct number.

Am I missing something or is this only happening to me?

UPDATE> After having a brief stint with cyanogen and now back to MIUI version 1.8.5 on the N1 - I'm still surprised to see that it still isn't showing which number is 'work', 'home' or 'mobile' etc. when composing SMS. Many friends have a mobile phone for work and a personal phone and I need to be able to differentiate.

Doesn't anyone else see this?