SMS Permissions (MIUI 1.6.3)


Apr 15, 2011
Hi there,

When I first installed this version of MIUI and restored my apps, I was inundated with "This program wants access to Read SMS" and I chose to accept for all apps that were asking for this permission, however when I go to send an sms I get a soft reboot (boot screen then rom loads).

I knew that there was a direct link between sending an sms using GoSMS or Handcent because any time I did try, a soft reboot occurred.

I also came across a log which reads as follows:
2011-06-07 06:25:12unknownSmsSingleRecipient Sender Exception: Sending SMS message: User 10094 does not have android.permission.SEND_SMS.2011-06-07 06:25:12unknownSQL update Uri:content://sms/2 Exception: Permission Denial: writing uri content://sms/2 from pid=9676, uid=10094 requires android.permission.WRITE_SMS

Is there any way for me to change the permission that an app has within MIUI to stop this from happening? Or does that need to be done by the dev?

Any help would be appreciated!



MIUI Android Staff
Nov 19, 2010
If I understood you correctly you want to use GoSMS and the permissions seem messed up, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app from the market?