software for root device

Jan 22, 2012
Hi ,
Could anyone help to try if your Android device can works with this software ? Pls let me know your phone model.

Get this app(Free) and an USB dongle(Free image), you can take every PCs for a projector....

Fonjector,the Android application, can convey the whole screen to your PC's display or PC's external projector. It's a portable solution , just boot any pc with our USB/CD image.

This USB drive image, we called "Fonjector receiver", is free to download at

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[ Android Market Download link]
Feb 14, 2012
I would like to share some amazing software for rooting android devices. z4root is an application that helps you root your device by just pressing a single button. It should work on ALL Android devices.
The app’s better than all other methods/procedures for rooting your Android device, but be sure to check out whether it supports your handset or not.