[solution] (root*) How to play GL games with large data(obb) on SD card?

Nov 4, 2014
The process needs root* (don't read below guide if you don't have)

don't remove SD card directly after folders are mounted* (do unmount first).

If not, it can cause you data loss. download app through play store(cause I'm not providing it)

I'm a gamer who plays many games(depending on mood) i can't play more than 3 large GL games(MC4, mc5,asphalt 7,8 gta and many other than gl) games on internal storage which is 6.5gigs (Redmi 1s 8gb).

So found way to play more with the app called "folder mount" (needs root) where you can link your SD card(where actually obb files are placed ) with folder to internal (where files are needed to be : the app works here) in the trail app you can mount 3 folders the trick is to custom mount => SDcard1/android/obb to internal/android/obb and put all obb with folders here(SD card) !!! If not working try putting 3 large of them in SD card

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