Sound "goes too low"


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Nov 7, 2010
Similar to the "sound input bug" i reported, from time to time, usually after a reboot, sound is TOO low (not over bluetooth tho).

A reboot sometimes fixes it, a power own and power up, always does.
I had the same issue on the 11.19 build. Seems to be linked to the A2SD+. Once I moved data/apps to SDExt I found that the sound from time to time would become so low that I could not hear ringtones and notifications. As you pointed out a power off and restart would fix the problem.

I managed to permantely fix the issue by going into recovery after moving my apps to SDExt and clearing the cache and then clearing the Dalvik cache. Been working fine since. Hope this helps.
i had this issue.. installed new defrost kernel and now all works fine
either because i thought it was for evo 4G or some other device (which means i don't know anything about it), or because, i don't know anything about it :p

any links you can provide ? :p
Also have this problem with my N1 and wildmonks kernel. When I wipe dalvik and cache the volume is normal but after one or two reboots its too low again.
rebooting again fixes my sound tho, or power down - power up cicle.

About defrost, im guessing the parent directory has Nexus kernels, and the "sense kernels" subdirectory has "desire kernels" ?