Speakerphone Jabra Journey Wont Work When Handy Screen Is Off

Apr 14, 2016
Hi all,

When I connect my redmi note 3 pro running xiaomi.eu (german language) to my speakerphone jabra journey everything seems to be fine. I can receive calls without problem.
The Problem is when i use the voice button on the speakerphone my handy doesnt unlock wont start google now and say "say call Name or Number" acutually nothing happens. If i unlock my note 3 by pressing the On/off button on the phone I can say "ok google" and it works. It seems he ignores the voice button of my speakerphone.
With the officicial xiaomi global version it worked perfectly except for the english language! Why ?!
I have been looking for a reason for that in the settings. i thought there might be a problem with app rights,
but i couldnt find anything. I also wonder why it worked with the offical global version.
Can anyone help me ? Everything else just works perfect but this is really anoying.

Thank you !