Special Edition Usb Port Broken And No Spare Parts To Buy ! Be Careful


Aug 12, 2018
Hi everyone,

I just spent the last 2 days investigating the reason why my 9 months old Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro SE was not charging anymore. At first I believed it was due to a faulty charger or cable so I tried many, then I believed it was a faulty battery so I unmounted it and managed to charge it with external battery cells, up to 5%, enough to start the phone and realize it is not a battery problem.

So I turned to the USB and unmounted that one, and then I measured the voltage between the VCC and GND pins while the phone being charged, and here I found only 0.09V where I should have found 5V. So clearly this is a broken usb port, even if I have always handled my phone with great care.

The salty thing is... there is not spare parts to buy for the pro SE version ! So it is totally impossible to find anywhere a new usb dock (reference "H3B_UB"). So after 9 months, I lose all my data and my phone is good for trash. Yeah \o/

This was my first experience with Xiaomi and I recommended it to many relatives before this. Now I'm so disappointed with them.

Any ideas about what to do from now ?

PS: apparently many people have had this problem as you can find several forum threads if you search "H3B_UB" on google
Hey, I have the same problem. Here is one solution or half rather. If you get a pcb for redmi Note 3pro you can use it to charge the batt. Once fully charged you can swap back the original to use it. Assuming that the mic is working fine cos the charging port and mic is on the same board. Hope this helps.