Speed, Stability, Tweaking & Perfecting OVER major features every week?


Jul 21, 2012
I'm not speaking for everybody here... this is just a personal opinion.

Now for me having new features every single week is what makes MIUI fantastic and puts it ahead of the rest but if that means having more unstable updates and having old issues unresolved... is it really that important?

For me these are a few things that would making using MIUI perfect... for me AGAIN personal opinion (I'm not particularly asking for this by the way... I'm just saying)

-Having better native multi language support
I've seen some efforts being made like language packs & an English version of the dreaded xiaomi login page.

-Better support for international mp3 album art
I have mark morrison "horny" as my current ringtone... yes we all have our guilty pleasures but my brother had it on vinyl when i was little so its always stuck with me... but when it auto downloads its album art, its some Chinese guy with headphones... wtf!?)

-Auto sort icons on home screen
MIUI's home screen is one of MIUIs biggest features and gives it a unique iPhone feel from the first install... so having "sort by" options seem logical to me (yes you have a pinch & shake feature... but being able to sort by name, date etc would just be better in my opinion)

Now i know this has been an issue with many users, i had MIUI based on android2.3 on my Milestone and is was smooth and fast as hell, but MIUIv4 on my XperiaS which is twice as powerful really struggles. How i dealt with this issue personally was by installing the KA SSpeed Kernel v6 1.8ghz and by keeping my caching down, but of course the overclocking kernel isn't the best for your battery.

-Local Theme app...
Now this is just dreadful... like really bad, whether running on my high speed WiFi at home or using my 3.5g 'H' it takes FOREVER for previews to load... and sometimes not at all! That's not even the worst of it! Have you tried to download a theme? It's like dial-up all over again!... oh and payment support? it would be awesome if it supported something more internationally familiar for credits like Paypal.

-Emoji on local SMS app
I'm using GOSMS at the moment so SMS features for me aren't an issue, but not everyone is aware of this great app and will put up with the dated feel of the stock app that comes with this ROM... it's like they haven't made any real great effort to improve it.

-AND finally...for me the Update app...
You know, the one that says you have the latest ROM, even though you haven't updated it in 2 weeks. If you have features on a ROM that aren't working on all devices worldwide, to me it's pointless. Personally i think this app should work flawlessly... but FOR ME it doesn't work at all :/

In my opinion MIUI developers would probably get an easier time if every week the updates addressed tweaks, bugs, speed etc and maybe added features once a month maybe?... users of this ROM seem to respond better to issues being resolved than another feature being added all the time. If tweaks were weekly and major updates were monthly i genuinely think it would become a greater ROM much faster and would create less issues.

What do you people think?