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Jun 22, 2021
Hi, my name is Bruno, yesterday I installed the weekly miui eu weekly ROM. I have a Xiaomi mi9tpro or k20 pro of 128gb. Everything perfect, very comfortable with the ROM.

As I am new, I wanted to know exactly if someone can explain to me what differences are between weekly rom and stable rom, with all this, how is the process when updating weekly rom or weekly rom to stable rom when miui 12.5 is available with android 11 for this model. I mean if you always have to erase or format.
Thank you very much already!

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Jun 15, 2021
The difference is that in Beta (weekly) you have more frequent updates with news arriving faster, or even without anything relevant, so to speak. In these updates however it is very common that some errors may appear in the system. The stable version (which I prefer and use) is the version that "waits" for these bugs to be fixed so that it can be updated with all the news that arrived in Betas. Usually updates happen every month, it depends on the device.

Remembering that for you to go from Beta ROM to stable or the other way around, you need to give a format data, starting all over again.
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