Step By Step Guide?


Oct 17, 2011
Firstly hello to all. this is my first post.

I am currently running CM7.0.3 Stable on HTC Desire rooted. I am looking to put MIUI on there as the interface is amazing and its appears to runs very smoothly

I have managed to flash the MIUI 1.10.14 Rom succesfully but i am getting continous force close. Therefore i have no other choice but to go back to CM7.

Is there something i am doing wrong here? Why is there no step-by-step guide to doing this procedure? Information is very hard to source regarding this procedure.

Any help would be appriciated...
Thanks in advance! Slaps
Did you do a full wipe and cache wipe before flashing the rom? Some people have even said that rebooting the phone once after install tends to solve FC issue.
I had the same situation myself. The first time I got MIUI onto the phone it had non stop, constant FC's. I flashed back to CM7 then started from scratch. I redid everything including partitioning, wiping, rooting, etc. I have it set up now and it runs as smooth as anything. Hope you get it sorted it really is worth it.