Stock ICS ROM for the Mi-One?


Jun 12, 2012
I have been looking all over the place for a stock ROM but I can not find one anywhere.

Any one have any idea if one is available and if so where to get it from?

I love MIUI but just wanted to check out the phone with the stock ROM to see how it works.



Also the Mi-One is up for sale. Will accept offers at
It will probably with a worse experience since all the features will be stripped away.
You will get a very ICS 4.0 stock experience with the UI that Google made :) So if you have seen pictures of it thats how it will look.
You will not have the MIUI apps and MIUI UI, like the music player, camera, and other changes that is MIUI. :) And im not sure but i dont think it gets updated every week but maybe once a month but you can check and find that out yourself on the links in the forum thread i gave you :)
Cheers for the info. I shall try it later.

I know how stock ICS works as I have had Android devices for years now. MIUI is really nice but I really just want to see how much better it is and the only way to try that is to use a stock ROM on the phone.
I've been using the stock Android ROM for sometime now and really like it.
Nice for a change. You may want to Titanium everything first though.
Fast Boot download on this page.