Strong integrity


Jun 5, 2024
Hello, I have had a Mi11 ultra with miui 14 from for years. Until now, in order to pay with my mobile phone, I have been installing the security certificates that have been published over time, but now I have an application that checks the bootloader and since it is unlocked, it does not pass strong integrity and I cannot use that app . Incredibly it is not a payment or banking application... it is a simple game. Is there any patch or way to overcome this check? As far as I have been able to read and understand there are ways to overcome the first 2 levels of integrity, but I can't find anything about the strong level.
Thank you
I'm not far enough into how play integrity works so I would know the exact reason, but I have read multiple times (from multiple different sources) that spoofing the STRONG_INTEGRITY tag is absolutely impossible as soon as you have an unlocked bootloader and/or a custom ROM.