Stuck at logo/Bootloop with locked bootloader problem with this model


Jun 15, 2019
like this member, i have the same problem :

my redmi 6 pro has rebooted himself and since it is stuck in a reboot loop; i can connect it with fastboot mode and execute fastboot commands but doesn’t responds to adb commands, Is not visible in other devices under windows (the phone is not in usb debug devlopper mode)
I’ve topened it and disconnected the battery but still stuck.,
what i want is backup the photos and videos.

i've tried the command fastboot boot TWRP.img
and reflashing recovery, but locked in lock state doesn't support flashing....

1 - Do I miss something ?
2- is there a solution like booting on an otg or ext sd card ?
3- I can do a wipe data in the data recovery but I will i loose all my user datas photos and videos ?

I will be very greatful to help me recovering my datas...