Stuck On Boot???

Dec 6, 2012
Hello there Community,

So my phone is stuck on the white MI boot logo, doesn't even transition to the usual orange which then progresses with a nice animation to start up...

Problem :
I was running MIUIAndroid v5 with CWM recovery,wanting to try a new flavor... i decided to flash WIUI which broke 2nd partition(System2), I continued using WIUI on 1st partition(System1) which started to lag every now and again so i flashed an old using CWM which i thought was MIUIAndroid v5, turns out, it was MIUIAndroid v4.. It never booted after that just continuously got stuck on the white MI boot logo. I cannot even boot into CWM.

I have tried :
*Rebooting/Pulling battery out several times.
*Booting into CWM Recovery.
*Flashing many different Versions of MIUI using MIFlash and fastboot method several times.(All goes well and i get the 'operation was successful' message but the phone still doesnt boot).
*I have tried a suggestion by the user anto1900. Where he states he fixed this issue by extracting Stock recovery.img and flashed via fastboot, and i get an error "cannot load recovery.img : unknown error". i have the recovery.img file in the same C:\Android folder with fastboot.exe so the path is correct.

Running out of options but im greatly hopeful that is can be fixed.. If anyone has a suggestion i could maybe try or a possible fix, that would be highly appreciated..


ingbrzy Multilang leader
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Feb 11, 2012
Use MiFlash with full stock rom to fix your dirty playing with Mi2 and never do that again...
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Dec 6, 2012
Amazing! It worked perfectly! Thanks so much for your suggestion.. I will definitely consult and read before experimenting again..

I'd like to know,any idea why the recovery.img gave me an error? I followed procedure and double checked every step many times but always got the same error..

Once again, Many Many Thanks to You for the Great help! Loving this community... U guys are doing an amazing job with a fairly closed device..and that's quite an accomplishment... I think,lol.. Xda got nothing on MIUIAndroid! Keep up the great work!

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