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  1. I have installed Stock Adnroid from Xiaomi and am trying to set up lightflow to change the color of the notification led. How can i know what colors are actually supported by the Mi2? Any app that will probe and tell me or can someone just tell me what options are available in MIUI settings. Thank you.
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    These colors are in MIUI settings

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  3. The phone has three led's: red, green and blue.
    By mixing them you can set any color which is inside the RGB colorspace.
  4. even tho that might be the case all colours do not work when testing with LightFlow...Maybe it's the app and the phone not being fully compatible...
  5. If you have the option to gain root you can use /sys/class/leds/
    But normally the framework should support using the led's you can take a look at framework how it does set the colours.