Synchronization between contact and Facebook

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Jan 12, 2011
I wanted to know if we can use the facebook picture for the contact which are in Facebook and in our Google account ?
I don't manage to choose any facebook contact I wan't to join with the google one. A list of 3 or 4 contacts is proposed but if the facebook contact is no in this list I cannot choose another one.
Yes, I too have issues with having contacts that are both in Google and Facebook. My issue is that you cannot choose which contact should be the default for that person.

Hopefully someone can add this functionality to the next version. This function is already incorporated into the Touchwiz (Galaxy S) contacts app.

Other people reported to me same issue with facebook profile images not shown in phone contacts. I don't use fb so I can't verify, but it seems a rom bug.
They wont fix it. Sick of trying!

Facebook is blocked for them in China it seems so they cannot test / verify issues. Case closed!
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