New System lagging since 12.5.5 update (alioth)


May 25, 2021
Hello. I have no problem at all using the stable 12.5.4 Rom. When I updated to 12.5.5 the system starts to lag, the lock and unlock sounds take over 4 secconds to play after I lock or unlock my screen... The configs are laggy too, they take over 2 sec to open any setting page.

When the 12.5.6 update was released I figure it would fix those problems but they persisted.

Currently Iam on 12.5.6 Stock China with no problem at all but I do prefer EU.

I tried to flash EU 12.5.6 over Stock 12.5.6 but the problem is still there. This problem starts a few moments afeter I start to setting up my preferences.