1. W

    New System lagging since 12.5.5 update (alioth)

    Hello. I have no problem at all using the stable 12.5.4 Rom. When I updated to 12.5.5 the system starts to lag, the lock and unlock sounds take over 4 secconds to play after I lock or unlock my screen... The configs are laggy too, they take over 2 sec to open any setting page. When the 12.5.6...
  2. R

    [TUTORIAL] Fix SafetyNet issues with Magisk (also CTS profile match)

    I did it a few hours ago on my Mi 10 Ultra. Due to the many questions, I'm publishing here a fixed tutorial, how it worked for me! Please share your results below. ____________ Install Magisk: 1. Download and install Magisk Manager » MagiskManager-v8.0.4.apk Step 2: 3. Reboot your device...
  3. A


    Hi everyone ! I make a huge mistake on my phone, and i can't fix it alone, so i seek someone with xiaomi account authorized who can EDL FLASH to repair my persist.img So if someone in this place can help me ! Thanks in advance team !
  4. D

    Dead GPS

    Hello, I came through many versions or EU rom since I got my Mi 5x. Firstly GPS didn't work at all, but finally I fixed it to certain point. Then another rom update came and gps got broken again. With the next one - it worked, better or worse. Now I have 11.03 and GPS is literally dead. I was...
  5. H

    Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite | Encrypted Internal Storage

    My problem is the following: I have recently had the Mi Note 10 Lite. It comes with MIUI 11.0.8 and when I was looking for an update it came out that 11.0.11 was available, so far so good. Then what I did was unlock the Bootloader, I had to wait 7 days to unlock it, to install TWRP and install...
  6. Poney70

    Resolved Email app - sync issue

    Hello, Email app versions (20191206_b1/b2/b4) don't correctly sync emails... :( To come back to the latest working version (20191024_b4), read this: IMPORTANT: After downgrading, you will need to reconfigure your email account(s)! Installation steps: 1) Download and put this file in root of...
  7. Poney70

    [ 9.12.12 and later ] [ Mi 9T and others ] Widevine is L3 now...

    Hello, the thread's title says all... Widevine was L1 in 9.12.5 and below on my Mi 9T but is L3 in 9.12.12. :( EDIT: Widevine L1 patch is available! See #14 :) EDIT 2: Widevine L1 is back in 20.1.21 beta ROM update for Mi 9T/Mi 9T Pro and others maybe!
  8. S

    battery icon when charge

    The icon looks strange when is charging !!! Thanks for the ROM 9.5.9!!!
  9. AsadP

    [FIX] Bluetooth turning on then off (8.11.15) [ROOT]

    I own a Mi Max 3 (nitrogen) on the build 8.11.15. I discovered this fix while doing a search on an adb logcat entry that happened whilst the Bluetooth issue was happening on my device. You will need ROOT access to edit the buildprop file. The two lines below appeared in logcat as I...
  10. A

    Resolved Mi8 not Notifications on Telegram

    Hello, there, I have problems with my Mi8 Dipper on Rom(no matter which)among others with Telegram, so slowly it's just annoying. I don't get any information about notifications, which is not good concerning my job. I've tried many clients but after a while no notification comes in...
  11. Daenjel

    Volume Up Button Doesn't Work Properly

    Hi, can someone help me with this issue on my device? The volume up button doesn't work on the system, it just stopped working one day and i thought it was a hardware problem, so, i made the hardware test from Miui and its all okey, but when i press the button doesnt volume up, what can it be...
  12. Stefano Santoro

    Redmi Note 4x Volte Problem With Italian Provider Vodafone Italy

    Hi guys, I've activated with my provider Vodafone Italy the VoiceHD and the support for VoLTE. The VoLTE is activated but in my Redmi Note 4x 3/32 GB with MIUI 9 7.11.23 Beta by doesn't work when I check the VoLTE Actvation in Settings --> SIM & Mobile Networks menu. Please, help...
  13. D

    No More Battery Drain In 7.2.9
  14. M

    Guide To Fix Bootloop And Other Software Problems

    Hello Xiaomi forum members, I've made a video a while ago, this video will help fixing bootloop and other software faults. (also can be used for downgrading) Before watching the video make sure to backup your data (if possible) because after this flash you will lose all of your data, if you...
  15. Malle001

    Redmi 4 Prime Miui Eu V6.12.15 - Scanner App Does Not Work Anymore

    Hi Guys, I just updated to the dev 6.12.15 an I noticed the scanner app does not start anymore. Do you have the same experience? I tried same ROM on my MI2s and all works fine. Please fix it on next major update. Cheers Steffen