T9 Dialer


Nov 7, 2010
[FIXED] T9 Dialer

Hi everyone!
First of all i wanted to congratulate you for the site!!!
There is a very well known bug when on any locale other than Chinese that is the T9 Dialer. Somehow we all got used to it but i think is a very important issue that needs to get fixed.
Is any one working on that?
Have anyone spoken with the Chinese devs about this issue?
Have anyone has any clue why it doesn't work?

Hope this post will start a proper discussion on this issue and the problem will be fixed for future releases.

A bug report was filed last week for this issue but there was no time to look at it for this weeks release from the Chinese developers, therefore it is likely to be in this weeks forthcoming OTA updates etc.

We will be sure to keep you all posted as to when this one is resolved.


roenano said:
Nice to hear (read) that someone is taking care of it.

Thanks Mark

No problem roenano,

This is why we set the forums up, gives people more of a feeling they are being helped :) best thing to do is keep checking the forums and main site for any news / updates.

We'll also update on Twitter if anything comes up.


Hi - new MIUI user here, I love it so far! But I wanted to add that the T9 bug is a big deal for me and I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing it fixed. Thanks for the hard work!
Still not fixed in last release.....
Too bad :-(
I'm not complaining, they are giving us a GREAT rom!!! But this feature is essential for me (and many others i believe), and knowing it's there but not working while not in Chinese is like showing a candy to a kid and not giving it to him......
I've had word on this issue, they are going to attempt a fix this week in 0.11.19


I've had word on this issue, they are going to attempt a fix this week in 0.11.19



Awesome Mark. In the meantime I've just been using ray dialer. Its great and very fast. Free from market.

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