Theme manager not applying


Jan 19, 2011
Hey I am having an issue with theme manager. When I try to apply a new theme it hangs at 0% preparing new theme. When the system reboots it set all the icons and such to default.
The only way I have been able to apply a theme is by re-flashing the rom with a full cache and data wipe. Even then I can only apply 1 theme and when I try to change it it does the same as before. Hangs at 0% preparing. Using Droid 1.

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you are not alone!

Same exact thing is happening to me, except I havent tried to reflash anything yet. It just happened earlier when I tried to change the theme for the second time. It sucks :/ HELP PLEASE
I haven't had any problems (yet) but in Droid forums there's a terminal emulator fix for themes

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Try to apply out using the file manager. Or try to apply it using setting-personal-theme manger.

Two things to check;
Extension is mtz
Inside the theme zip file, make sure you see framework-res folder, not framework. If you see framework, you need to unzip, rename to framework-res, and rezip.

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I had a similar issue, except it would get to 100% and then not reboot. The way I fixed mine is I uninstalled all imported themes and then re-imported them. Seemed to fix my problem. Must be due to differences between Theme Manager between updates. This was on the Inc 1.28 release.
The issue that i am having is that when i download the theme it applies but the sms application does not get themed for some reason for example. i installed The Bliss Suave theme and everything loaded but the sms app is still that blue background with the squarish bubbles instead of the iphone like bubbles. :( any help would be greatly appreciated. Ty