This is how to get the Netflix app to show up in the Android Market and make it run


Apr 7, 2011
This should get Netflix to show up in the market and work on your phone running MIUI. You don't need any hacked or cracked versions of the app and you know it's safe because its directly from netflix on the market. (this worked for me on my HD2 and I can't see why it wouldn't work for others.

1) Make a nandroid backup. Editing your build.prop could cause infinite boot loop and you want to be able to recover.
2) Use Root Explorer or any other means to edit /system/build.prop
3) Change the following lines properties to the values listed (this makes the market think you have a Nexus One but it shouldn't have any negative effects on other functionality on your phone)

ro.product.model=Nexus One

Note: I used to have ro.product.board=machimachi on the list but I found this was unnecessary and causes other problems. Just leave that one alone.

4) Save and exit Root Explorer (or equivalent)
5) Go to Settings->Programs->Manage Applications->All
6) Select Market then tap "Clear Cache" and then "Force Stop" if it doesn't automatically force stop. Don't worry, none of this will make you lose anything at all (that I know of)
7) Tap back then select "Google Services Framework". Tap "Clear Data" and then "Force Stop" if it doesn't automatically force stop.
8) Reboot
9) Go to the market and download Netflix. Everything should work fine. Sometimes, it takes a minute or so after rebooting before the phone has a chance to re-create the market cache and the market will error out when you try to load it. This will only happen on the first boot and it will fix itself pretty quickly.

Enjoy and let me know what phones it does / doesn't work on or if you have any questions.