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Discussion in 'Question & Answers' started by chareos, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. chareos


    Aug 18, 2011

    my first post here. I'm a long time Cyanogenmod user, fallen in love with MIUI graphics and approach.
    Actually I'm missing a very specific option, which I think would benefit many users largely.
    That's the ability to toggle radio 2g/3g (NOT only data on/off, I mean the radio band itself!) based on specific status (WiFi connected = 2G only) or, even better, pluggable in Tasker. This is a *major* battery saver (and also, a true helper in rural domestic places where phone struggles finding 3G).

    This is doable. I achieved this using Cyanogenmod + Master Baron's Toggle 2g (search XDA for it).
    Unfortunately, app creator states that he needs MIUI signature to be able to make it work on MIUI.

    So, I came here to directly ask you to get in touch with him and make Toggle2G work.
    If for some reason I don't see, you don't ant this to happen, I strongly hope you'll consider implementing a switch for it (WiFi connected = 2G only).

    If both are not in your mood, I would ask you to state it here, so I'll be able to foresee my *unwilling* going back to CM.

    Thanks very much for reading.
  2. kitecarl


    Sep 9, 2011
    Fabio, my first post here as well. So I'm onto something with this - rather than get the Toggle 2G app working I found a system variable, stored in /data/misc, that sets which preferred network your phone is currently using. Got everything up and running using Tasker and the Locale Execute plugin to change the setting (after testing a shell script that does the same thing in GScriptLite) but now have one final problem to solve - Miui seems slow to refresh the environment variable once I set it via Tasker Locale Execute. I posted the details of my problem on the Tasker Google Groups site as well as a Tasker noob thread on XDA. Variable is here (I found it in Root Explorer by looking at date/time stamp modifications after manually changing network type via Miui settings):


    All I had to do is write a Tasker Execute command with Locale plugin to do as such to scale down to 2G:

    @! echo -n 0 > /data/misc/

    And then to go back to 3G at the end of the day, another task:

    @! echo -n 1 > /data/misc/

    I set these up within two profiles that stop Mobile data, wait 10 seconds, run the above, wait 10 seconds further, and then turn Mobile data back on. Thought all would be good in the world... Well unfortunately they DO work but it takes a lot longer for Miui to pick up the change! Basically if I wait for 5 minutes or so the Miui UI is finally updated from the environment variable and the change works. What I'd like to find out is if there's anything I can do at the OS level like force Android/Miui to re-read these variables from disk faster than it's doing now.

    Any ideas from Miui/ Android pros out there??

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