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Jan 24, 2017
Hello, today i want to share with u some nice tool that u can use on rooted devices. This tool can do much things, but one that i loved is that AM manager can "uninstall" applications. In fact AM tool dont uninstall it like removing apk (android 10/11 dynamic partition), but this tool do remove them from system. So its not disabled its uninstalled. Other features are:

This tool is maded by AM. All support u can get directly on Telegram support channel

  • Copylefted libre software (GPLv3+)
  • Material design (and a nice UI)
  • No useless permissions
  • Does not connect to the Internet (the permission is required for ADB mode)
  • Displays as much info as possible in the main window
  • Lists activities, broadcast receivers, services, providers, permissions, signatures, shared libraries, etc. of any app
  • Launch (exportable) activities, create (customizable) shortcuts
  • Block any activities, broadcast receivers, services or providers you like with native import/export as well as Watt and Blocker import support (requires root)
  • Revoke permissions considered dangerous (requires root/ADB)
  • Disable app ops considered dangerous (requires root/ADB)
  • Scan for trackers in apps and list (all or only) tracking classes (and their code dump)
  • Generate dynamic manifest for any app
  • View/edit/delete shared preferences of any app (requires root)
  • Display running processes/apps (requires root/ADB)
  • Display your app usage, data usage and app storage info (requires “Usage Access” permission)
  • APK files can be shared (hence the use of a provider)
  • Clear app data or app cache (requires root/ADB)
  • Batch operations: clear app data, disable run in background, disable/kill/uninstall apps
  • One-click operations: block ads/tracker components, block components by signature, block multiple app ops
…and other minor features such as installing/uninstalling/updating/enabling/disabling apps, displaying app installation info, opening on F-Droid, Aurora Droid or Aurora Store combining the features of 5 or 6 apps any tech-savvy person needs.


Other links:

Telegram Support Group
Telegram Update Channel

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