Touch panel problems

Suffering from touch panel issues

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Oct 25, 2013
It started as ghost touches, and now it appears as complete loss of responsiveness.

there is already atleast two threads I saw:

I'm trying to gather some users with lost responsiveness issue so the bug registration would get more weight.

if anyone has a version number when all the story started, share it.
right now I'm trying to flash stable roms (from v22), one by one, trying to find buggy version.
Oct 8, 2013
did you try the EX version of WIUI ?
I also had quite a lot of troubles with my Mi2S before,
but since I installed that ROM situation improved dramatically

my advice is to try that
Oct 25, 2013
Its not really of trying to avoid the problem.. phone runs fine with stable v22.. i want it fixed.
also I want to gather big number suffering users so registered bug, so that it would have more weight.

ideally founding what causes it would be the best, because as I see it devs are a bit lazy busy with other things.
right now looks like nobody has an exact idea what causes it, but its for sure related to soft - so the patch could be released.
if its driver - we need new one, if it programming issue - revert to old version, if its a calibration - we need soft to re calibrate.
all the option can be made in a few weeks or so, but now I don't think developers even know about this.
even short line of "we know and we not doing anything about it, deal with that or sell the phone" would be enough.
as for now, i guess we need like 100 or even more users to confirm bug, to get some attention.
Oct 25, 2013
So, its about 4 days since I've received my MI2s from *******.. They changed the touch panel.
So far neither ghost touches or panel responsiveness loss was experienced. The only thing to notice is that I had to paid for shipping to both ends.
Shipping took about 3 days to China(as I had tracking number to monitor) and about 5 days from China (i had no tracking number so don't really know when they send it).
Period from [we got your device] to [device is fixed] took 8 days.